Patient Reviews

This has changed my life!

The staff goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and at ease, and the results are amazing. This has changed my life!

Friendly, Courteous, Thorough

Surgery with Dr. Walker was one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had. The staff was friendly, courteous and thorough. The day of surgery they kept me very calm and there was no pain at all.

Beyond Worth the Results

Surgery was quick, painless, and beyond worth the results. I was incredibly nervous, but the staff was professional, kind and very reassuring.

Thrilled With The Results

The procedure was faster than I could’ve imagined, and I am thrilled with the results. Everything about the experience was exceptional.

15 Minutes Surgery, Now 20/15

After 15 minutes of surgery, I was able to see 20/15 in both eyes. I am amazed at how well the surgery went and how quick the recovery was. I cannot say enough about Dr. Walker and his staff.

No More Reading Glasses

I was tired of needing glasses to read. I haven’t had to use any glasses for reading since the surgery. Very happy with the results.

I’ve Never Seen Like This Before

My earliest pictures at age 3, show me squinting. I turned 60 this year, and chose laser cataract surgery to reduce my astigmatism. I cried because I can see things now that I’ve never been able to see before. Life changing.

I Recommend Dr. Walker

I was terrified at the thought of eye surgery, but Dr. Walker’s team made the entire experience seamless and comfortable. I recommend Dr. Walker to anyone interested in having this procedure.

Mom’s Vision is Beautiful

My mom’s vision is beautiful. She’s especially excited to be able to sit on her patio and see stars in the night sky. She’s very happy with her vision. We thank you deeply, Dr. Walker!

Thanks Dr. Walker

Thank you, Dr. Walker, for all you’ve done for me and my eyes. I drove to work today, and I wasn’t afraid to cross the intersection at a 2-way stop. Before my eye surgery, I used to sit there with my windows open and listen for oncoming traffic because the cars were so blurry. I am so thankful to you!

Truly a Blessing

Dr. Walker has truly been a blessing. The service and the results that I received from him and his staff has been amazing — far superior to the treatment I have received elsewhere. Things are looking good (pardon the pun!).

Like a New Pair of Eyes!

It’s been a couple months since you removed my cataracts and I would like to thank you again for giving me such clear and perfect vision! It is like having a new pair of eyes! I just could not be happier with my multifocal lens results!

The Best Outcome

Dr. Walker was concerned, dedicated and competent, desiring the best outcome for my eye surgery. His staff too, exemplified excellence, wisdom and friendliness. I feel fortunate to be under this care.

Dr. Walker, We Are Lucky to Have You

Dear Dr. Walker,

I am so glad you decided to move your office to Sheridan, WY.  Johns Hopkins and Baltimore are far away, but the beauty and serenity of our Big Horn Mountains are a good trade for big city lights and politicians’ eyes.

Thank you for your medical skill and expertise. You removed my cataracts two years ago, and this month of July, 2022 you removed the scar tissue from my left and right eyes.

Your staff are pleasant and efficient. Your waiting room is refined Western elegance! Enjoy your practice here. We are lucky to have you in Wyoming. -Shirley Jacob

I’m Thrilled!

Dr. Walker, I’m so very pleased with my results.  -Fred Matthews